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    See all user activity across your Business Intelligence system.

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    Trace the source of data leaks.

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    Understand how your BI system is being used and highlight improvements.

Veracitrack is a tool that tracks report usage so you can analyse and improve your business intelligence reporting.
Think of it as ‘Google Analytics ™ for reports’.

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Veracitrack: a cloud hosted BI analytics tool.

Maximize your BI Potential

Business intelligence tools can provide your business with invaluable insights - but only if they are used. Ensure you are making the most of your BI investment by tracking report usage.

Monitor BI usage

See who is accessing your reports, when and how often. Gain valuable insights: who is benefitting from the system, who are your key users, and which areas could be improved?

Audit and maintain reports

Uncover reports that have become obsolete or go unused. This allows you to retire or update reports and keep your system up to date and free of clutter. And when it’s time to upgrade your reporting systems, usage data will help you make informed decisions around the scale of the migration, identify priority reports that may require more testing, and others that may not need to be migrated at all.

Ensure return on investment

Track the uptake of newly implemented reports to see whether they are being used. Use tracking data to prove return on investment.

Focus employee training

Highlight underused areas of reporting to help pinpoint training needs. Perhaps new staff are not aware of what is available to them or not following expected process?

Increase your data security

Veracitrack can be set up to watermark every report request with a QR code. Scanning the QR code enables a trace back to the time and person that ran the report. If there is a leak of the report this QR code data can provide valuable information.

Integrate with ease

Implementing Veracitrack is easy. Simply create an account, set up a tracking profile, insert the tracking code into your report templates and start collecting data. Create multiple tracking profiles to group reports e.g. sales, finance, etc. Veracitrack is designed for Microsoft Reporting Services with support for other reporting platforms in the works.

View anywhere, on any device

Veracitrack includes responsive dashboards designed for viewing on tablets and desktops. Your tracking data is stored securely in the cloud and accessed over an encrypted connection. And as Veracitrack only captures usage information, like user names, report names and dates and times, there is no access to or storage of your sensitive report data.

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about us

Veracitrack was developed by Theta.

Business Intelligence Experts

Theta is an IT consultancy based in New Zealand. Our team of more than 200 experienced professionals help organisations like yours to transform their businesses with technology. We create smarter solutions, together.

We have a large business intelligence and analytics team. Through work in this area we realised many organisations have made a large investment in reporting but don’t have a good understanding of how reports are being used, if at all. We built Veracitrack to address this simply and cost effectively, by tracking and monitoring when reports are used, how often and by whom.

Veracitrack is part of Theta’s VeraciBI suite, which includes VeraciData, a data quality tool for Microsoft SQL Server data warehouses.

Think of it as Google Analytics™ for reports.

See all user activity across your business intelligence system.

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